Deposit & Cancelation Policy

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Rev 2.0 10/10/2015

Charter LA Yachts

Deposit & Cancelation Policy

All Deposits are Non-Refundable. Once we have Deposit for your Charter Date we block this off to other Clients. We “Lock-In” your Time Slot and Yacht.

If your Event’s Logistics Change we will do our best to Accommodate your Changed in Date & Time. We cannot guarantee any changes and we do not refund Deposits.

Weather: The boat operates in Safe Conditions. In the event of High-Winds, we may be forced to Reschedule your charter and Credit you toward a future date.

Rain: The boats can operate in Rain Conditions. If the weather looks bad a few days out, we may consider rescheduling your event, but again cannot guarantee this. Many of our best Wildlife Encounters including Whales & Dolphin sighting have actually been during Overcast and Raining Days.

Dock Cancellation: In the event that the Charter Dock Cancels our Time Slot due to Public Holidays or Events that Prevent Safe Charters, we will work with you to schedule an Alternative Time. We do not Refund Deposits.

Please remember that once the deposit is given, it is Non-Refundable, as we block off those dates from other Charter Clients and forfeit other business.

Thank you for planning your events with these factors in consideration.

Best Regards,

Charter LA Yachts